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Readers' Feedback



“…a most attractive and well produced book.”  P.G.W.


“…full of interesting detail and observations – looking forward to your sequel.” B.T.


“…I’m learning lots and enjoying the excellent photographs.” S.C. 


“…I’ve just finished Rural Reflections and would like to register my interest in the next volume.” O.T. 


“…this is a life-enhancing book… a lovely read.” P.D. 


“…oh, I’m enjoying it so much, I’ m in danger of overdosing and finishing it too soon.” S.U.


“…really can’t put it down.” J.L.


“…I loved all the anecdotes and quirky bits – please write some more.” C.H.F.


“…a splendid book – start on the next one now!” L.D. 


“…I rationed myself to five [articles] a day…I didn’t want it to come to an end. I gather you were contemplating another one: please, please do it!”  M.E.D.

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